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Shaving Cysts

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About few years ago I started getting these large boils on my face. It seemed like the

relation was soon after I would shave. Sometimes they hurt and get infected. At first

I thought it was ingrown hair. But the hair would never come out and the lump would

remain for weeks and shrink.

I went to a derm and they are labeling it as a acne cyst. I would have to get a cortisone shot to

clear the cyst. It happens about 4 times a year usually on my jawline and neck.

Any men out there have this problem? Very interested to hear others with the same problem.

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strangely enough this was my problem, some what. im using "the cool fix" by shaveworks. I use it after i shave because i've always had these nodule like appearances a couple days after i shave. this has been working quite well while alternating with dans bp. it can be drying so dont use to much.

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