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New Vitamins Routine

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soo i have had pretty bad acne on my face back and chest since the age of around 10... its always kept to around moderate-moderately severe with the help of antibiotics (now on clindamycin), benzoyl peroxide washes, and duac and tazorac.. buuuutt i am now 16 and i have reached a point where i just feel like nothing i have attempted over the past 6 years has helped my skin and i am sooo sick of it. I made an appointment with the derm for january and i am going to ask if i can go on birth control to see if that helps me more than antibiotics have.. i recently started taking vitamin A 8,000 IU , vitamin D3 1000 IU and vitamin Bcomplex and i have not yet seen results how soon should i expect to see changes from taking these vitamins? /should i even expect to see changes at all?? I have considered accutane several times but my mom is really against it so i am really running out of options to clear my skin.. soo HELP

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Taking vitamins alone won't really help your acne much, but it will definitely help your overall health which may or may not help your acne. What you have to do is figure out WHAT is causing the inflammation to manifest i.e. acne. Acne could be several different conditions: someone's acne could be from a different cause than another person's acne.

What I recommend is to focus on your digestive system. Eliminate all foods that you can't tolerate. I recommend to stop gluten/grains, dairy, sugar, refined oils, chemicals (fluoride, aspartame, MSG, etc). Eat organic, which means you pretty much have to cook all your food yourself. It's what I had to learn how to do, and now I'm 100% clear AND healthy after suffering from moderate-severe acne.

As far as supplements, there's a few things you can take:

Vitamin A: 20,000 IU

Zinc picolinate: 50 mg

Vitamin C: 1000 mg/ 3 times a day


EFA's: 6-12 tablespoons, throughout the day

Check out a post I made, the link is on my signature for more information.

Best of luck to you!

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I'm taking these. Some of them are fairly new, a couple I just started today:

Vitamin C: 1000-3000 mg/day

Vitamin D: 4000 IU every other day

Vitamin B5: 500-1500 mg/day (just started)

Opti-L-Zinc: 30 mg/day

Magnesium: 150 mg/day

Melatonin: 3 mg/day

Milk Thistle: 250 mg/day (thinking of stopping)

And for a week or two I was taking 10000-30000 IU of Vitamin A, but I just stopped today. I want to stop more because I think this is too much for my liver/body to handle. But I don't want to waste more money... I already have a dozen half-finished bottles of pills that I'll never go back to. I think I'll let the Magnesium and Milk Thistle run out, and not buy any more. When my Vitamin D runs out it'll probably be close to spring so I won't need them as much either.

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