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Tretinoin Doesn't Work For Me?

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I wanted to kno if anyone tried tretinoin with no success. I've been using 0.05 tretinoin cream for 1 month and it hasn't done anything but give me bad breakouts (I read that's normal tho and it takes more time). I honestly think my acne is caused by my very oily skin. When I was on accutane I was clear as soon as the oil stopped. Tretinoin doesn't do anything to stop or decrease the oil. Does anyone have very oily skin and tretinoin worked for them? Because I'm going to my derm and asking for another course of accutane. Tired of this

Claravis 40mg started 10/12/11

Stopped on 11/10/11 because of Liver Functioning and High Cholesterol.

Recontinued 3/16/12 - Finished 8/25/12

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