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I Wanted To Share With You Guys The Treatment That Cured My Acne Problem

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Hi I wanted to share with you guys on here the treatment that I am now using which has fully 100% cured my acne.

I went on this site a few times before searching desperately for an answer to get rid of the constant breakouts which I had suffered with for over 10 years. I had what the dermatologist termed as moderate acne. I never was clear. I tried multiple things oxytetrocyline (don't know correct spelling soz ) Didn't really fix the problem. I saw a dermotologist and got lazer treatment and did retin - A cream topically which helped substancially but I was never totally clear like I am now. After I stopped that treatment my acne resumed. I tried changing my diet, all the over counter stuff, then I tried the regime on here but I think i went too gung ho with it because my face was so raw after the first 3 days that I couldn't continue (i stress though maybe I went in too hard - I was desperate!!) Exasperated I tried Dianette - the contraceptive - OMG the WORST !!!! - over the 2 months I was on it I gained over a stone and looked so bloated - blah! Plus I was INSANE - angry and intollerant, antisocial, emotional and to add insult to injury my acne actually got WORSE (they say it clears after 3 months but I couldn't continue). So finally I went back to a different dermatologist and she put me on this treatment I am on now AND........IT WORKED!!!!

Felt it was only right to share as if it can help even 1 person as I really know how horrible it is to suffer with acne. I hope this works for you too.

So the treatment is a strong antibiotic BUT it's usually used to treat persistent bladder infections its called 'tetracycline' I have tablet at night 1 in morn.

Then as a topical treatment I use Epiduo which is a Retin - a and Benzol peroxide combination cream this i put on at night

Then on any pimple that comes up I use 'Tri-acneal" which is an over the counter product you can get in a pharmacy (like Boots if in UK)

This regime began to work after 1 week - my skin began to clear - then week 2/3 it had a minor breakout after which my skin just began to clear and clear and clear until 3 months later NO SPOTS!

I have now been on program 6 months and probably need to break from the anti-biotics before i can go back on - so couldn't tell u how my body will react to coming off treatment - maybe they'll let me do another 3 month stretch on tablets - hopefully.

But so far so good - NO SIDE EFFECTS - oh except it makes u bruise easy - but who cares right - NO ACNE is BUENO.

Anyway will keep you posted with progress and if I come off treatment I will update how it goes


Let me know if it does Xxxx

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The problem with antiboitics is that you can only stay on them so long. I've been on tetracycline, minocycline, basically any cycline you can think of for Acne. They didn't really do much for me, plus your body builds up immunity over an exteneded period of time.

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Do you still get breakouts though? I'm just curious, when you say your skin is clear, do you have no pimples/whiteheads and blackheads? that's what I want. And another question is, does this make the acne worse in the long run? I've got mild acne, like you said you had, so would this be a good idea to go onto or should I first see other treatments? I haven't really tried any treatment besides a type of tropical gel, but I only did that for 2 weeks and gave up.

So should I go to a dermatologist and ask for this stuff you are taking, do you recommend that?

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