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Back Acne

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Hello fellow sufferers,

Haven't been on the site for awhile as to be honest it has really helped so much I haven't needed to :)

I suffer from Back Acne (Adult) have done all my life. I am lucky ( I guess) that I don't have face acne bar the occasional nose spot.

I was using Panoxyl 2.5% Aquagel and Paulas Choice 10% AHA cream and the results were astonishing. My back looked and felt the clearest it has ever felt. Recently I have stopped using Panoxyl as it was, to be honest, ruining a lot of my clothes by bleaching. I've just been using the AHA cream from Paulas Choice and it has been working quite well by itself. I've not had any massive flare ups for a year now..

I wanted to post this so that anyone else in my position might want to try it...just google it, I know how it feels to have this awful condition into adulthood.

When I was young (30 years ago) I went to my doctor asking for help.. she said to me what a fuss I was making about nothing, it wasn't life threatening and how she had to deal with people with Cancer and so forth. I looked her in the eye and said.. "Acne destroys peoples' lives" she blushed.. I NEVER went back and have had to deal with this condition alone mostly. Thank heavens for this site !


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I also suffered with back acne for over 30 years since my teenage years. A year or 2 ago I tried using AHA on it's own on my back & it worked wonders!

Within a few months my back was clear of new outbreaks. I carried on using the AHA to help get rid of the years of PIH left behind.

I would always recommend trying AHA before anything else.

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