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Swelling Under The Skin, Feels Like Emerging Cyst But Then Goes Away

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Alright well I have been having the weirdest issue lately and am very confused. I am about 2 and a half years removed from Accutane, and have had zero cystic acne since. An increasing problem however, has emerged.

Every once in a while a region under my skin where I previously had cystic acne begins is swell up. It gets red and a large, visible patch or bump is visible. After around an hour though, this swelling goes down and everything goes back to normal. It feels like I am going to get a long term cyst but then nothing happens. It usually happens right after I eat. It has happened on both sides of my face. About a year ago it happened for the first time and now its slowly increased and is happening about once or twice a week. Am i about to have some major break outs?

thanks so much

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Sir, what you are experiencing is a food allergy.

Try eliminating bread from your diet.

I've experienced the receding and protruding, highly irritating "living" cyst. I can't explain everything scientifically, but there appears to be fluid that will fill that cyst when your skin becomes a raised bump. Having lots of fluid in the facial region is an indication that you have too much salt in your diet, and also consume too many carbohydrates.

I try and keep carbohydrates below 200 grams per day.

What ethnicity are you, if you don't mind me asking?

My Diet Log


Dan's regimen cured my acne about 90%

Diet cured the other 10%

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