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Accutane Progress Log I Suppose! (Pics)

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Hey, I'm Dan from UK.

Just thought i'd start this thread in order to record my progress, and a way to reflect my thoughts, what is happening throughout the course! I suffer from pretty bad back acne, my face isn't too bad however I often have one or two spots here and there constantly which is annoying, it's pretty rare that I have a clear face but it doesn't get me down really.

It's my back that does!! I've had it for around 2 years now where nothing else has worked so the doc has put me on 55mg a day! I am now 3 days into my second month, things don't seem to have changed but the derm says this month is where stuff will be noticed.

I'm hoping so, It's such a confidence killer for me, the thought of taking my top off in public makes me want to curl up into a ball haha. I really really love swimming too but feel I can't without the fear of people starting etc.

Luckily I have an amazing girlfriend who understands and is here for me, especially to see me through if I have any mood swings etc !!

I did lots of research into what products to use on my face for the dryness and i'm currently using Cetaphil moisturising cream which works absolute wonders, one tiny tiny small blob lasts me all day and feels amazing.

And for my lips I ordered some DR dans cortibalm from the US which also works amazing. You can't even tell any of my face is dry too which is good.

This is the first day of me taking it so a "before pics" I suppose of both my back and my face so I can see how things change !! I won't embed so they don't show up every time haha







Then this was taken the other day (1 month in), no changes on my back as of yet, my face seems to be a little clearer but my face is abit redder.



Anyway, enough talking from me haha, be good to speak and share experiences with other people on here like

Cheers, Dan!! smile.png

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9 days later from this post and I think I'm starting to see changes on my back, at the top, it looks like it's getting smoother and I can run my hand on it and not feel as many bumpy bits.

However I feel like a few side effects have hit me at once, for the past few days i've been waking up and through the day with stomach ache, a bit like hunger ache but stronger, in the lower stomach area.

Also my neck and lower back feels pretty stiff all of a sudden. I'd say my face is breaking out a little bit, is a breakout 1 month and a half into the course normal?

I also feel a little more irritable with small things that wouldn't normally annoy me but it's all good!! smile.png

I might take a pic of my back later and compare.


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Bit of an update incase anyone cares haha!

I have 5 days left of my second month and I think i'm beginning to see a change properly. I've just taken some pictures now. I think the redness is starting to fade? See how i get on in the third month like!




Comparing to the initial pic.


I'm probably just imagining it haha. Or maybe it's the light.

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Just thought i'd add to the original post about the moisturiser and lip balm.

Dr dans is an absolute godsend! I apply it once on a morning just before uni and it lasts me all day even with eating. I'm typing this out now at 8.46pm and have only applied it once today and my lips feel perfect. Doesn't hurt to smile, just feels normal.

Feel really sorry when I see that people are having to apply vaseline every 20 mins etc.

Same with the moisturiser, once in the morning and here I am now with no flakiness?

Maybe it's all to come though!!

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Starting the 3rd month today, how time has flown! Went to to the derm, they didn't mention my bloods so I presume everything was ok.

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