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Anyone Else Try An All Natural Regimen?

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Hi everyone!

I only just read about how chemicals from face washes and acne products can leech into your skin and cause all sorts of problems, so I've decided to go natural! If anyone else has a natural regimen that works for the, please share!

Here's what I'm doing now...

In the morning, I wash with raw honey and then use a salt water toner. I finish with argan oil as my moisturizer.

Then at night I wash with baking soda, and every other day I use a mask that is 2/3 raw honey, 1/3 cinnamon, and I follow that with lemon juice which I leave on for the night.

Now, I just started this a few days ago, do you guys think that this is two many different 'products' all at once? And is it okay to wash with baking soda everyday?

Hope to hear what you guys are doing!

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I'm doing the only water regimen 2 times a day so far great ....

I wouldn't recommend lemon on face is too acid

Will leave your skin oil free which bacteria could enter

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I've been trying out an almost completley natural regimen. The latest post in my log is about what I'm doing now.

Currently clear of acne with the occasional hormonal breakout. Check out my routines and progress updates here:

Treat yourself as you treat others.

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Oatmeal scrub is really good too!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Aczone spot treatment somtimes

Cervae Facial PM Moisturizer
Juice Organic Sport SPF 30

Spring Valley - Super B-Complex

Make Up

Urband Decay Liquid Liner, Perversion
Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers SPF 15


Remove makeup with Jojoba oil
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser with out Clarisonic or
Philosophy Purity + Use Clarisonic if it was heavy makeup

Green Tea toner
Tanda Anti Aging Light Therapy (sometimes)
Cervae Facial PM Moisturizer/ Jojoba oil depending on how my skin feels

Drink a cup of non caffeinated green tea

Spring Valley - Super B-Complex

New Regimen Updated 5.23.11 9.28.11 11.13.12 9/25/13

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