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Can You Take Biaxin For Acne Only?

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Ok... so i took Biaxin (clarizithromycin i think...) a while back for pneumonia, and it TOTALLY cleared up my acne in like 2 days, so i started only taking half of the dosage i was supposed to take each day to save them so they'd last longer they were sooo good lol anyways that was back in the summer, and taking Biaxin for those 2 weeks I had pnemonia kept my skin clear up until about september, now its bad again and is realllyyy bugging me. I called my doctors office and asked the secretary if my doc could prescribe Biaxin for acne and the receptionist told me NO, biaxin is not given for acne (as if shes the doctor) , and preceded to basically hang up on me...she was really rude... Anyways i have read online that it can be given for acne, so has anyone taken biaxin just for acne and how was it??????

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