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This is now almost 10 months after I first began minocycline. It has been a rough ride coming off of this med. my derm and I tried a few different birth controls, but I got quite a lot of side effects from them and had to quit each time. This roller coaster of hormones reeked havoc on my skin so I ended up staying on the min for a few extra months. I came off of it two weeks ago and started the regimen. Before I started the regimen, I had breakouts on both sides of my mouth, probably about 15 on one side and 10 on the other. I thought to myself, why not try the regimen. One of my issues is that my husband and I want to get pregnant in the near future, so I had to research which acne treatments are safe to use while pregnant. Almost none of them are, except Bp. This made me decide to try the regimen. Very quickly I've noticed improvements. I went from about 8-10 whiteheads to on average of 2 or less. I have about 6 red spots in addition, but these are easier to cover up. I'm happy with this transition so far and hoping the regimen keeps me clearer for awhile. I likely won't post in this log anymore since it is turning into regimen posts. I wil be posting there instead.

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