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Should I Ask For Accutane?

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I've had moderate to severe acne on my face since I was about 12/13, I'm now 17. My dad had very severe spots while my mum had dry skin, and I appear to have moderately bad versions of both. I'm from the UK.

My acne had cleared up fairly well using tetralysal and duac once daily cream once a day (a few spots left on the upper neck), but then I went to a music festival, didn't take any medication, use any creams or even wash my face for 4 days and it got much worse.

I've been back on tetralysal and duac for 10 weeks now and have had little changes, If anything the acne has got worse. The acne is concentrated on my lower cheeks and upper neck, and it's really affecting my confidence.

It's got to the point where I'm supposed to be going out tonight, but I've even considered not doing so because of my spots (make me feel a bit self conscious of being in pictures etc.)

Even if the tetralysal and duac has worked fairly well for me before, I'd like to be well rid of the spots, do you think I have reason enough to justify going on accutane?

(I've never shown any side affects to the medications).

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