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Aha+ Stinging On Throat, Not On Face

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Quick question about the AHA+. So, two weeks ago, after about a month on The Regimen, I went ahead and started using the AHA+. At the onset, I was still breaking out in my two problem areas: around my mouth, chin, and jawline on my face, as well as on either side of my throat (but not so much the adams apple area). I know Dan recommended getting completely clear first, but I decided to give it a try.

Anyway, today marks two weeks since starting on the AHA+ and my throat is nearly blemish-free while my face is still breaking out. Couple this with the fact that the AHA+ does not make my face sting at all after applying--but it does so with my throat--and it makes me wonder whether it's working for me on my face. I saw somewhere that Dan claimed the AHA+ was still working even if it wasn't stinging. Is it just working more slowly? Has anyone else experienced something similar before? Should I be concerned?

Also, does anybody read the blogs? I have one, but it doesn't seem like people read those as much as they are reading these forum posts...

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