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Hi All.

After reading about subcision, I decided to give it a go. My doctor wanted to try the procedure on just one scar. So I chose the scar which looked like a 'dove' according to him, and he worked on that.

That section where 'the dove' sat was anaesthetised and subcision was done. The only 'pain' i felt was the syringe when the anaesthetic was injected. The injection was more like an ant bite so it wasn't painful at all.

As reported by previous users, I did feel/hear my skin being separated? It's almost like snapping a San Remo Angel Hair pasta.

Okay, so the left side of the pic is 'Before Subcision', and the right is 'After Subcision Day 1'

For the second pic it's 'Before Subcision' and the right is 'After Subcision Day 2'

Today is only Day 2.

I've circled 'The Dove'





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