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Best Tips For Coming Off The Pill? Also Question About Pcos

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Me again.

Just trying to get peoples opinions on coming off diane 35.

I'm terrified and don't know if I will go through with it this year :/

In regards to the pill however are there things I can do now that might help coming off it? I'm taking saw palmetto and a liver supplement and although diet has never affected my acne im just wondering if there is anything I can do to really help my body function to it's best when coming off the pill?

I think I've been on bcp for around 5-6 years, diane 2 years.

also regarding pcos, do 99% of females with hormonal/adult acne just have it? is it a given?

I don't know my body off the pill so I can't judge but I'm wondering if its possible to get 'tested' whilst still on the pill ?

I'm really scared I do have pcos because then even if I go off the pill i'll just have to go back on it :S

Surely there are more effective ways to treat pcos ..without having to take bcp ?

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Why do want to go off the bcp?

You shouldn't take sp with bcp.

Where did hear 99% of women have pcos? I don't think that's true. It's too high.

Getting tested on the bcp will be pointless bc your hormones are manufacture by it.

One of the treatments of pcos is bcp. Others are spiro and sometimes things to regulate blood sugar if there're ir

I have pcos and am using Bp for acne and it's been working. I do still have other pcos symptoms unrelated to my appearance, but I'm the most concerned aout acne and such, so idc.

Many people say vitex helps the pill transition period.

Please only PM me if it's something that cannot be talked about on the thread or is highly personal. This way, everyone benefits.

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