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Oily Skin After 1 Week Post Accutane :(

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Hello, I was on Accutane for 8 months! 1 week after accutane again I have oily skin. What to do? This was my last hope. Can you give me some advice: (

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Insulin resistance could cause oily skin, so you could try eating a low glycemic load diet. Avoiding dairy might also help a little. Neither of those worked for me, but I've seen it work for others.

How I Stay Clear:

  • Accutane 5mg/day
  • Probiotics 25 billion organisms/day
  • Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 2x/day

Low Dose Accutane Log

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I heard that it takes a while for it to really kick in. Give it some more time, people usually see results after 3-4 weeks (with all acne products). Another factor that may be causing this is the fact that accutane affects your sebaceous glands. Never took accutane, just heard a lot about it/ the process through it (friends, board members). Hope this helps!

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Hey, @&%# happens bro lol. Sometimes you just have to play with the hand you've been dealt. Trust me, worrying about it isn't going to do anything for you. There's no cure for oily skin, but there are some things you can do to alleviate it.

I recommend reading up on using Apple Cider Vinegar, and trying to use it as a toner for a few weeks. It's cheap, I've heard numerous success stories, and as long as you exercise common sense it won't hurt you. I DO NOT recommend drinking it, because it's powerful stuff and can cause stomach issues due to its high acidity. I am planning on doing a 4 week trial of it when I get home from college during winter break, if I get anything noticeable I'll post my experience on this forum. I've done a lot of research on it, and depending on the individual it may help a little. The key is to start off with a ratio of 3:1, Water to ACV, and then work your way up to make sure it doesn't burn your face. Put it on a MAX 2 times a day with a cotton ball, then let it dry and don't wash your face for at least an hour. There are plenty of boneheads that put it on straight out of the bottle, no diluting, then wonder why their face is peeling. As long as you don't mind smelling like a salad for 10-15 min, I think it's worth a shot.

The first link will take you to the original thread about ACV, the first two posts are very informative and will tell you the theory behind it. Apparently it's good for evening skin tone as well.

This link has numerous reviews from people who have used ACV for various purposes, take everything with a grain of salt


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