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Terrible Acne And Allergic To Benzoyl Peroxide!

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I've always read reviews on "" but I've never actually signed up and wrote about my story.

I used to have moderate pimples here and there, nothing big.

I was prescribed "Clindoxyl" a benzoyl peroxide based topical acne treatment.

I'd use it here and there, not too often.

Two years ago my skin just went from moderate to terribly itch, swollen and acne prone.

Nothing will stop my acne. I've gone to dermatologists and doctors.

They all prescribed me with stronger doses of benzoyl peroxide.

This resulted in severe acne and a swollen face.

It's come to the point where my face has permanently grown at least 5cm around the diameter.

I've tried countless products: Clinique 3 Step, Bliss Skincare System, Proactive.

Nothing works!

I'm just sick of the embarrassment of having to hide my face all the time. :(

If anyone has advice, please let me know!

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I would recommend the regimen. If you chose to embark on it, you should probably do some research, though. Whatever you choose, though, just stick with it.

On my way to getting clear using dkr

Testing out limited dairy and sugar and junk.

Drinking lots of water.

Just got ACV

Not giving up hope

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