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Side Effects Of Tazorac?

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Hey guys.

I'm wondering if any of you can please share your experiences with Taz.

I'm currently using 0.05% Taz cream. I've been experiencing the purging but also some weird break outs i've never had before. I have had two soft or tender bumps (don't want to call it a pimple exactly) that will usually have a "crust" at the tip. After that its pretty sore and just weeps. Another weird thing was the other night, right before bed i did my usual washing and applied the Taz, when i felt a random itch on my forehead. I scratched lightly and went to bed, The next morning, the exact same spot had a hard swollen lump that also had a "crust" tip. Not pus, crust. I don't really know what to think. I called my doctor and mentioned the crusting, according to her its normal but i need some reassurance. Thanks in advance.

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