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"little Things" Checklist To Make Sure Your Skin Gets Clear

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I have been interested in skin care... specifically for those acne prone, for a long time. We all have different opinions on how to treat acne. Some change diet, some suppress hormones like androgen, some use topicals, etc.

For the 10 years or so which I have been researching all aspects of acne I put together a list of "little things" which we can all make sure we are doing (or not doing) to help us get the clearest skin possible. Some of the things are trite, others are more original. I think the little things in skin care make a huge difference....not so much individually, but things have a tendency to add up. So please take a look at my list, and feel free to comment or add your own "little thing" to help prevent or stop acne!

*No picking or touching face

*If you do pop a pimple, make sure your skin is clean, and immediately dab some polysporin after

*Make sure your laundry detergent is fragrance free

*NO fabric softener in the dryer

*Double check all your cosmetic products. Use the "acne detective" website to make sure they do not contain pore clogging ingredients. This is a HUGE one. So many people use products which break them out and have no idea. Just because it says "non-pore clogging" does not mean it won't clog pores (those liars!)

*Double check shampoos and body washes for bad ingredients also

*Change pillow sheets as often as you can (aim for every 3 days at the least).

*Be very gentle when you apply products to your face (tough when you are in a rush, but necessary, as Dan points out many times)

*Don't worry about your acne. This is much more important than you realize. Stress definitely affects acne, so just do the best you can and have faith that you WILL beat this damn disease eventually. Practice popular psychology....try to be positive. It will help your skin, your attitude, your HEALTH, and your life.

Also, consider making some general changes to your life, which can most certainly impact acne

*Start a yoga and/or meditation class if you have some extra time. Yoga classes often start as early as 5 or 6 am...try to get one in before work if you can handle it. Just imagine how satisfied you will feel

*Try to get more sleep (easier said than done)

*Start doing a little bit of research into diet if you don't already. Think about adding one green smoothie or green juice a day

*Get some cardio in! Run, walk, run stairs, walk stairs, get up, walk your dog. As much as you can...I believe its one of the best things we can do for our bodies. Humans are the only animal on Earth which are MEANT to run long distances. The only animal. Take advantage of this. If you are out of shape start small, go far a short a few times a week, work your way up to it.

I just want to reiterate, this is not an acne cure, and It shouldnt replace a good acne regimen. However, following these guidelines will help a lot, especially in the long run!

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