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Is This Pityrosporum Folliculitis?

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Are these common symptoms for PF?

As far as I know I have not heard of it happening to other people.

Was exercising litely one day, then at night had fevers, hot & cold chills, so I went to sleep, sweated in bed, then was too weak to walk that morning. The next day a few blisters apeared on my skin, like I ate something I am allerigc too.

The following day my whole trunk, face and upper arms had these chickenpox like blisters, some small, and some really large (white pustules). I was in a tropical climate in South America. Yes, I got stuck there and could not fly out. I looked like a wart monster to the kids in the hospital. They did not itch at all. I had a fever that one day and then got about 150 or so on my face, scalp, chest and stomach, and 2 or 3 on my arms and legs.

** I also had a bug bite on my arm which grew pretty large, then got a similar lesion on the side of my face.

NOTE: I am not hairy and they did NOT appear in or on hairy areas, genitals or lips. I also tested negative for HIV.

Fast forward 3 1/2 weeks and they crusted over like chickenpox as I was taking aciclovir and just washing with dry soap, & not eating any sugars, meats, or dairy. 4th to 5th week they subsided and I booked a flight back to the states. However, I got a 2nd outreak on my smile lines and used proactiv thinking they were acne and it made it much worse. So, I then used hy drogen peroxide and it went away 7 days later.

I now have indented acne scar looking marks where the pox marks were on my face. It's like 6 weeks later I have about 25 new dark spts on my face so it is hard to get used to.

It's the 8th week, now!! and finally got a good diagnosis ( I think) from 2 derms and they say it is folliculitis from a staph infection but we are still awaiting the culture swab result as he said it has improved y 90% so a biopsy is not worth it. They gave me Doxycicline and Chlorihexadine Gluconate solution, an antiseptic.

Today. I have 4 new really small ones on my chest after exercisng a lot the past 2 days.

My question is

1.) Did anyone of you have a fever the 1st or 2nd day.?

2.) Were they as big or identical to chickenpox?

even friends said and thought I had chickenpox.

3.) Some of you have had this chornically so if I get a laser scar treatment this horrible episode will come back. again?

I cannot find anything else with these symptoms - except what the doc said eio folliculitis or pityrosporum folliculitis and one said molluscum.

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Hi! I think I have the same condition, :( Are you better now? Did you find out what happened ? My doctor said is yeast.

Please you can email me,

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