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Doxycycline Stoppage - Abrupt Or Taper Down?

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What's the typical practice for stopping use of doxycycline antibiotic, abruptly quit or is there some taper down scheme? In appointment yesterday my derm doc agreed with me stopping it. I have been on it 9 months (50mg AM, 50mg PM) and it just never worked well for me. Frankly I view this as good news since the doxy makes me feel semi-sick sometimes and I know you can't stay on antibiotics forever anyway.

Anyhow, the doc indicated to just stop abruptly (I asked him three time) but I recollect reading that a taper down approach is better. I could easily go to 50mg half dose once daily for a week, then every other day for another week etc. Any insight or experience with this is appreciated. I would hate to shock my system and cause a flare-up.

Just a side note, I have had very good results for the past couple months simply using a sulfur / sodium sulfacetimide cleanser and a gentle second cleanser. I realize everyone's situation is different, but sulfur use may be a worthwhile option to investigate for those struggling to find something that works for them.

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