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From some of my post here some of you will know I did not develop acne until 24 years old and I have been dealing with it the past 6 years. I had clear skin up until then. I just thought the previous few days that it might be caused by parasites. So I did a google search and it does appear a side affect to parasites can be acne. Has anyone done a parasite cleansing and liver cleansing after and been cured of acne?

I generally worry about doing body cleanses as they can do more harm to your body than not but I have tried all sorts of medications and been to a endocrinologist and allergist and really all they said was I needed more vitamin d (due to me avoiding the sun from medication) and I am allergic to dust, cats and dogs. other than that they found nothing.

Not sure if parasites can cause acne for this long but I am starting to think perhaps thats what it could be.

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you might have what I have because I've been clean for a good while, btw we're very similar in age, I turn 24 next month. I started breaking out more in the past few months. What kind of medication have you been taking? You may have leaky gut/candida causing your acne problem.

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Well I started to get it at 24. I am 30 now. But I have taken.

Minocycline (had allergic reaction)




That's all that is coming to mind lately. There is others I have been on both oral and creams/gels.

Currently I am using Sumaden face wash and differin. My skin is better than it was a few years ago but i still break out.

I ordered a product off amazon to test the theory. Really I want to figure this out and my insurance raised the prices on my meds so they are outrageous now.

I want to conquer this without giving up. I think this new theory of parasites may be the last ditch hope on this besides growing out of it.

What is the leaky gut candida you speak of?

Also it's worth mentioning I had dark circles under my eyes but the dr said that's allergic shiners. I didn't have them until my 20's. maybe it's all related...?

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I've done a liver flush once and I passed some stones, but I'm still not convinced the stones are simply hardened oil formed in the intestines.. It didn't help my skin.

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From what I have read is you do a parasite flush which gets rid of some of them but the dead parasites sit in your liver after. Then you do a liver flush to clear that all out.

Maybe you need to redo it with a parasite flush first. I am not sure it's going to work but nothing else has been a cure, worth a shot!

I will update after I receive the pills and try it. I think there is a bunch of methods I just searched amazon for a parasite flush and took the top rated item.

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Hey, i also didn't start to get spots until my twenties.

For what it's worth i also have darkish circles under my eyes and have heard they can be from allergies, but these are quite common really if you look at people without makeup etc especially in people with deep set eyes like myself.

From what i can remember the science behind all that liver and parasite flush is very dodgy but that doesn't mean there isn't something to it of course, just have a proper

In my opinion and from what i have read, all this candida talk is often based on little, if any science and is confused with gut bacteria balance rather than candida.

Have a look into Gut Bacteria and the connection to what you eat, stress, gut -brain connection, antibiotics etc as well.

God gave us everything we need; the earth to live on, animals to feast on, vegetables to make side dishes and fruit to be eaten in moderation.

The devil put grains, beats and sugarcane on the earth to tempt us.

For approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago most of us strayed away from temptation but the devils influence grew stronger and eventually we swayed to his evil ways.

God new that those whose faith was strong would never fall to temptation so he punished those who took to the pleasures of grains and sugar by not giving us the ability to digest grains and making sugar poisonous, eventually leading to all kinds of health problems including acne.

But some wanted there cake and to eat it too, free of health problems, so they made a pact with the devil and sold their soul's for acne free skin.

We see these people consuming delicious breaded, dough based meals, baked goods and confectioneries but with crystal clear skin.

These people are walking with the devil!!

They are the spawn of satan!!

Paleo is the righteous path my children!!

Your faith must be strong!!

Do not fall to temptation!!




is the


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Thanks, I will look in to it. I am a firm believer of people who say this starts from the inside and creams and gels will not fix the problem only

Mask it.

I have changed my diet and cut things out and all

Of that with no change in acne. So I don't think mine is related to diet. Before my acne I had a horrible diet and drank too much and smoked cigarettes and had perfect skin.

Who knows though. People tell me your skin changes every 7 years, if that's the case by next summer mine should have changed again :).

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