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Not Sure If This Is A Cyst Or Nodule, But They Are Becoming Bad.

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Hey everyone. Haven't been on these forums since 2006, back when I was young immature and not very bright. Anyway I have been following the regime to the T ever since and it helps keep my acne under control, however it never has went away, I've honestly never had a single day without a single blemish and I learned to live with it. It doesn't bother me like it did back then. I always wanted to go to a dermatologist, but ya know that costs money for something that is honestly "silly". At 22 and after about ten years of acne I realize that it isn't something that is going to go away.

However; with all that said I have been getting these extremely annoying and obnoxious "under-the-skin" nodules in the past few years and they are getting really bad as of late. They only appear on the side of my nose. I'd like to note that I have extremely oily nose and annoying blackheads (that I have been gently cleaning and watching since I was about 15 years old). I take fish oil, omega oil, and vitamin a and it seems to help my oil nose and blackheads, but now (with no change in diet, or cleaning habits mind you) I have started getting these quarter size bumps on the sides of my nose. I was getting one everyone couples months and just "dealing with it" they go away in about 4 days. However I have had a lot lately (about one a week for the last couple months). Last week I had one on the right side of my nose (it actually went from the bottom of my nostril to my eyelid, enormous about 3mm raised!). It was enormous, I poked at it a few times with a pin, I know stupid thing to do but it hurt so bad I just wanted to relieve pressure, surprisingly all it did was bleed, nothing ever came out of it yet it went away within a couple days. Well now I have another on the left side of my nose, I've been getting them far too often so I need to ask about it.

I'm really not even sure what they are, they don't seem like cysts, as I can't find any fluid or "acne gunk" in them. I'm not sure what they are. it just looks like my skin is raised about 2-3mm, and they always appear near my very oily nose. They are very painful, even fanning my nostrils hurts.

I really tried to take a picture to post but in the picture you can barely tell the skin is raised, but it is, and its very painful.

Anyway I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me what they are, why they are forming (backup of oil under my skin is my guess but why now with no change in diet or anything?), how to deal with them, if I should go to the doctor or dermatologist (which I really can't afford, family doctor is 75 dollars just for a visit with 1000 dollar deductible on my issuance... pshh!).

Appreciate all the help, I hope the community here is still as good as it as it was six years ago.

Edit - Well I got a picture, but its just hard to get a picture of the problem which is how raised the bump is, regardless you can see the blemish left from the old one (small) last week, and the larger one is the new one that just formed. There is no head, no fluid inside, a bit red.


I also would like to note I have a ton of blemishes over a year old, any ideas?

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