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Argan Oil Is Amazinggggggggggggggggg For Acne!

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I have just bought argan oil and been only using it day and night for less than a week and i can see a huge difference!!!

I have mild rash like acne and they are diminishing greatly! my skin is oily sensitive but then it started to get dry around my chin and flaky. the argan oil smoothed this out and got rid of the prickly rash.

i am sooooo happy! it feels great to use a product day and night which is good for the skin and contains 0 chemicals. it also is an antioxidant and reduces wrinkles and evens skin tone and scars.

My skin is glowy and soft now. not sure if it will work for cystic acne but it wont irritate skin as its natural

will defo recommend it. Just make sure u buy the right one! it has to be organic and cold-pressed. I got mine from here:

be sure to store it in the fridge for best results! u acn also use it on lips and hair too!

I am a convert!

I also used Body Shop's aloe vera foam wash which is great for sensitive skin and take a multivitamin a day

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