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Question About The Dr. Kern Beauty Skin Acne Lamp

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I currently own the omnilux clear-u which I have been using for over a year with great results. The only problem with it is that following use I get a small amount of hyperpigmentation/darkening of the skin in the areas that I use the light on. This is due to the light being held so close to the skin, because when I was having alternative red and blue light therapy at my dermatologist from the professional machine I didn't have this problem.

For this reason I was planning on purchasing the Beauty skin acne lamp, and was wondering if I could purchase additional lights, and replace the red lights with all blue lights, and alternate on different days between only blue lights, and only red lights. Is this possible or would this be a problem?

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Seems a lot of faffing around, but if you buy a spare set of lights I guess you could keep changing them over.

I haven't had any noticeable success with my Dr Kern, but I don't think I have ever been able to keep up the level of useage required for long enough.

Skincare routine:

am: wash with water only, BP, tiny amount of Dan's moisturiser if needed.

pm: wash with Dead Sea sulphur soap, BP

Diet: wheat, dairy, sugar free


Pre/probiotic, 2 fish oil caps, 2 starflower caps, zinc, multivitmin

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