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Wtf Is Wrong With My Body

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Okay ive seriously had enough, im trying the best that i can to deal with this %$^&$&#^ cystic acne and it seems my body is just rejecting everything.

I cant take Accutane because i apparently have liver autoimmune disease (which i suspect i got from the accutane i took in 2001)

I cant take vitamins like zinc, saw palmetto, milk thistle, etc etc because it makes my throat sore to the point its like strep throat

I cant use vinegar to fight the cystic acne on my body without getting really bad stomach pains, i probably have stomach ulcers or something

Bezoyl peroxide doesnt seem to cut it because the acne is EVERYWHERE except my face which i find odd.

Diets are not working for me, i have trouble gaining weight, im 28yrs old 6'1 and weigh 125lbs..i remember weighing 155 a couple years ago, so i dont know whats going on.

I saw one of the best dermatologists in Toronto and he first suggested accutane which i couldnt use, he then suggested some $100 bottle of creams at me, which ive used in the past and did nothing. I waited 2hrs to see him and was in the room with him for 10minutes, and thats all he could suggest.. oh and he said male acne isnt hormone related.. LOL

So i think ill save myself from buying that $100 bottle of spot cream and buy a gun to blow my head off.

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Forego the gun, please.

Have you spoke with a doctor about things you can go on for your liver disease? It's possible that's the underlying cause. I'm no doctor obviously, but I know they can suppress it with steroids and other medications. Weight loss, and I'm sure trouble gaining weight is a possible symptom of that disease so that could also be affecting your weight.


-Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser for all skin types

-Neutrogena Sensitive Skin sunblock spf 60+


-Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser for all skin types

-Wait 30 minutes, apply Retin-A .05% cream every third night

-After tretinoin, wait an hour or more and apply CeraVe Moisturizing Cream


-NatureMade Fish Oil 1000mg (1X)

-Alive Women's Multivitamin (1X)


-Doing whatever I can to eat as little dairy and sugar as possible

and incorporating more fruits and veggies; and absolutely NO coffee

for me as it's a huge trigger for my acne. NOT EASY FOR ME!


So far, so good! Any improvement is a step in the right direction.

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If you have auto immune disease issues look at the GAPS diet. I know you say you have trouble gaining weight but this diet could potentially clear your acne and make you much healthier all around. Type GAPS into google to read more about it. The reason you have acne is probobly because of your liver condition because what can't be filtered by the liver is coming out through the skin. Take a look at the nutrition and hollistic message board on this site too - there is tons of amazing information that can help you as well.

Love and accept yourself for exactly who you are right now.

25, female, moderate acne since age 12.

Accutane at least 6 times.
Intolerances: corn & wheat & alcohol.

100% clear, if I follow the diet.

"the absence of flaw within beauty, is itself a flaw."

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