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Picking In Your Sleep

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hey guys, i have a huge problem with skin picking in my sleep. WTF man? I don't even pick my skin when I'm awake. In fact, I started consciously NOT touching my skin months ago.

Does anyone else deal with this problem? Or have a way to prevent this skin picking at night? I'm scared shitless of scarring. Currently I stuff two long sleeve shirts underneath my bed and then put my hands in the sleeves so they can't move to my face. they keep slipping out of the sleeves though. please advise!

and btw, bandaids don't work for me because the adhesive part breaks me out ;_;

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Oven gloves are what I hear mentioned a lot for kids with chicken pox to stop the scratching

Started (Ro)Accutane :)

Month 1- 20mg

Month 2- 50mg

Month 3- 50mg

I literally do not care what you think about accutane, it was MY choice to take it, respect that.

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