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Help Me With Minocycline Treatment

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Hi guys. I am going to share my experience with you guys, because i need some help to treath my acne.

Well, i have had Face Acne since I was 13. Now im 17. Last summer (here in Argentina, February) i decided to attend to a specialist appointment (dermatologyst). This doctor gave me inmediatly a tratment with MINOCYCLINE 100mg and a gel.

This works very well in one month with my type of several face's acne, and when i stopped having Mino, my acne was out! Amazing...? Well, now, around 4 or 5 months later, my acne come over again and worst! I have an appointment with my dermatologyst at October (so late because of the Argentinian Health System, omg).

But I need some help, what i can do? Have Mino again by myself? How to prevent post-acne with Mino tratment?

Thank you all!

Best regards.


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