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What, How Much And What Don't I Eat?

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I'm 17 and just saw a dermatologist and he said I have very low mild acne, and it's just the common thing for a teenager. I'm a guy. Anyway, I saw a osteopathic about 2 months ago and said that I am gluten and lactose intolerent, he said this without doing any actual physical medicine tests or what not, he just looked at my eyes, and did this tapping thing to my hand. So for the mean time I'm not eating that sort of stuff, but I'm going to get proper tests later to see if I actually am.

Anyway, along with my acne cream I'd like to do other things to improve it even more. I want to know what things I should eat, how much I should drink, how much fruit, what fruit, how much vegetables and what vegetables I should eat. And also things I should avoid, and if I can have it or not etc. You get the drift.

How much water as well? and anything else you think that may help me. Thanks.

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