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Linoleic Acid--Success?

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Wow! I wish I had known everything you do about health when I was your age! I am impressed. Keep it up, even if it doesn't impact your acne that much, at least you will be staving off nasty diseases when you are older. You will probably grow out of your acne and live until you are 120!

If I were you I would try a company like They do NOT use BP. Only fruit acids to help the pores exfoliate, and plant enzymes. (If you see triclosan in their products, ignore it. I contacted the company and they took it out of all of their products in January). Their products seem really good! Or you could try a home-made SA toner (I think you can get the SA powder from a pharmacist and mix with alchohol and a ph balancer). Use the SA as a toner, and only use 2 drops of linoleic acid-oil. It is really very little but you want to press it all over your face. This was what I was told. I bet you would do very well with a few fruit acids. What about Mandelic Acid? These guys sell it. They get people clear all of the time with it. You don't have to use it every day.

I know all of this is very personal, but you would be almost completely natural, no BP, and probably alot more clear! Just a thought....

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