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Is This A Good Order To Take My Supplements In?

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Hi, sorry to make a whole thread for this but I couldn't find anywhere else to post it.

This is my supplement routine, I'm just wondering if I'm doing it properly... taking the correct supplements with and without food, and at the right time between meals, etc. Or if some are better taken in the morning vs. night or vice versa. Let me know if there's anything I could change and why.

Wake up, take Chromium GTF (with Vanadium)

Drink ACV with distilled water

-30 minutes-

Eat breakfast/snack

-A few hours-

Eat lunch, take Opti-L-Zinc

-A couple hours-

Take Milk Thistle (with Dandelion Powder and Tumeric)

-A couple hours-

30 minutes before dinner, take 2 Glucomannan with a glass of distilled water

Eat dinner

-A couple hours-

Drink ACV with distlled water

-A couple hours-

Take Magnesium Bisglycinate (with Taurine) right before bed

Possible things that could be wrong:

-Chromium seems to make me sleepy, so maybe I should take it later in the day. Plus it should be taken 2 hours after and before meals, and as I have it now I'm eating sooner than that afterward.

-Should I take the Milk Thistle earlier or later in the day? Or should it be taken with food?

-Does the Taurine possibly interrupt sleep? It's combined with the Magnesium...

Thanks a bunch!

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