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15% Full Face Tca Done Sept 7Th 2012

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I just had a 15% full face chemical TCA peel done about an hour ago. Before this peel, I had a Jessner Peel done on April 4th and there is a big time difference between them. I've never experienced as much burning as I did with the TCA Peel. My eyes were watering it was so bad. My face was on fire for about 5 minutes like the doctor said, and as he said it would, the burning sensation did go away within 5minutes. For a few seconds it was so hot it was hard to think! My entire face had a THICK white frost where I couldnt see my natural skin colour at all. The frosting lasted for about 15-20minutes and now my entire face is red, tight, and feels pretty good. Before the peel I was prepping my skin with 0.5 Retin-A every day for about 4 weeks. I wouldn't recommend doing this peel at home like a lot of people are now doing, get it done in a dermatologists office. This peel was very intense for me. Anyway doing this log because i'll be home for a few days and thought I would give back to this community by sharing my experience.

I get these peels done to try and correct scarring that ive accumulated from years of acne.

Day to Day progress pictures to come.



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