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All Of You Looking For Oil-Free Moisturizers--Use Triderma Antiredness (Rop)

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Google "comedogenic ingredients" so you can now what to look out for--ethylhexyl palmitate and what-not.

Triderma makes an aloe moisturizer that isn't a miracle, but it doesn't break me out--I think it's Triderma Redness Relief. I am unable to wear it under makeup.

Eucerin's products for sensitive skin are decent; and Olay Complete SPF moisturizer has never given me trouble, either. Cetaphil has a moisturizer specifically for oily skin, as does Clean and Clear (but it has .5% salicylic acid in it and I have never used it). Makeupalley is a great site for reviews on these items.

Neutrogena (oil-free moisture/sensitive skin moisturizers) and Eucerin have been my go-to brands. Just be wary of anything with retinoids, synthetic fragrances, BHA, peppermint, whatever--I have acne-prone skin but that sort of stuff always burned me. Furthermore, even moisturizers marketed as "noncomedogenic" often have disgusting stuff like corn oil and cholesterol in them (Cerave, which was so-so for me), so be aware of ingredients.

Good luck.

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