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How Do You Get Rid Of Excessive Flakiness From Perioral Dermatitis? Going Crazy!

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I think I have the Perioral dermatitis at bay. There are no bumps or acne, but tons of flakiness going on around my chin. It's horrible I can't even go out.

I have tried the following:

Aluminum oxide crystals mixed with cleanser to exfoliate daily or every other day. It does a good job but I'm afraid it is making my skin thinned out despite being lubricated with a cleanser as opposed to water.

Raw unrefined shea butter and argan oil to moisturize

ACV diluted with Water to tone

LED Light Therapy to stop acne in its tracks but not on the chin area. I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my chin so the light therapy may darken it...

Tumeric with Manuka Honey to lighten brown hyperpigmentation and keep moisture in

Supplements: Black Currant Oil, Biotin, Zinc, Multi-vitamin, Omega 3 fish oils, Chlorophyll

Things that seemed to have made it worse: B Complex, Probiotics, Tea Tree Oil diluted with water seems to make it more dry but gives a refreshed feeling, brown sugar to exfoliate but it hardly removed any flakes, Calendula Cream seems to have no effect, baking soda seems to be making me break out, jojoba oil breaks me out.

I'm at wit's end here. Feel like a failure no matter what I do and afraid to go out anywhere.

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