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Blackhead Hole On Tip Of Nose Story

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hey everybody

I've never posted anything on a forum before and I probalby won't after this but i really felt I had to share this info with other people and I'm hoping maybe it might just help someone out, make their day a lil better...

And sorry for all the typo and grammatical mistakes i might do, I'm really not the writing type.

Anyway so what i would like to share is my frustrating, depressing experince i had with a "blackhead scar or pimple scar" i got over the la two weeks and like I said i hope some of the info might help someone out in that same situation.

So two weeks ago I got a minuscule, tiny (i mean seriously i wouldnt even had bothered with it if it wasn t in that location) on the very most tip of my nose.

So i decided to take it of,f not a big deal. Like always i take a clean needle, pierce it and then with the corner of a clean razor blade I gently take all the white off, away without pushing any of the puss back in and make sure its all gone( at least what one can see with the naked eye), then I hop in the shower and rince my face with ice cold water by letting water run down my face (specially on the current popped pimple area) for not to long (rince my face normally from 1 to 3-4 minutes) but just so it washes the pore and closes it up a bit. Btw i never squeeze a pimple, i used to to that and it made them worse and inflammed so if anyone has the patience to do the niddle way it might work better for them.

Anyway so after the shower i patted my face dry with a clean towel and applied a bit of lemon juice like i always do ( ive been putting lemon juice on my nose everynight for the last 2-3 months and wash it off in my morning shower the next day and since I ve started its great, it seems it helps get rid off blackheads, or at least it bleaches them so u dont notice the as much) and voila the affected area was still a lil red and inflammed cause i got rid of the pimple but it looked like the cold water had done it some good, there was no hole and it seemed that it would be gone the next day, end of story.

BUT NOOO how wrong was I.

Over the next 2-3 days there was still red ring and there was a bit of dark and white scab, crust in the middle but nothing to big but it was kinda dark and on the tip of my nose so it was kinda noticeable so like a d***head i applied a bit of concealer (apparently that suff blocks pore and is not good ,...) on the area to make it less visible. By that stage i still thought it was nothing, that it would be gone in a few days, so i didnt really make any steps to heal it or moisturise it...

So 3 days later i was still a red ring and the 'scab' was still there so i decide to remove the scab and thats when it all started.!!! Again if it was anywhere else i wouldn t have given a sh** but it was in the middle of the tip of my nose...

I removed the scab and instead of the freshly healed, maybe slightly redish skin i was expecting after those 3 days, i got a hole, a bloody hole!!! larger than the initial small pimple and i was like daf** how is this possible fu*******!!!!! i immediatly riced my faces in ice cold water then lemon juice to try and close the hole down a bit but it didnt do much.

And immediatly i freaked out, i was terrified that i would have a permanent hole on the tip of my nose (i have a hole on the far top right side of my nose from a big blackhead i got a few years back, its large but not annoying cause its in a place u cant even notice but i was scared i would get that on the tip of my nose) and that i would never be the same.I realised that a few months ago i tried to take out a small black head at that location but it was stubborn and took a lot of effort and trauma but it closed up (cant remamber if i actually got the blackhead out) and i never thought about it again but i was thinking maybe it never healed up all that time under my skin, maybe it was dormant under my first layer of skin and its already to late,it s a scar...

Anyway i immediatly started doing research on the internet and I hoped that even if i haden t taken care of it and maybe dammaged it even more over the last few days with the concealer and stuff and not realising there was a hidden hole, maybe i could still try and minimise it. I just couldnt do anything and let it stress me out .So after heaps of research reading about healing scars, wounds, skin therapy, even started to research the if- it- goes-wrong options like dermabrasion, I collected heaps of info and tried to find a solution to fixing this problem. So i put a few bits and pieces of info from here and there together and decided this would be my routine to try and heal this bi***.

Immediatly I started and I rinced my face three times a day in ice cold running water, patted my face clean then (here comes the time consuming part) i squeezed lemon juice (according to the internet acidity helps destroy some of the old skin making a turnover for newer fresh skin to appear and try to close itself up but a week later i found out acidity prelongs the scarring process which is not good but oh well i continued anyway lol) left it for like ten minutes then i got an ice cube (try not to touch the side that will go on the affected area) applied it to the hole for 5 min to try and firm and close up the pore even more and then i very quickly rinced the hole under ice cold water again, then straight after that i got a clean earbud soaked it in with hazel (i believed the witch hazel will clean the pore and sooth it out and aparently it helps to put it on just befor moisturising) and dabbed it on (no too much just a bit if there was to much i d dry a bit up with another clean earbud), then i d let it dry up and after a few minutes i applied blackmore s natural vitamine e moisturiser (vitamine e is good for skin and apparently a wound that is moisturised heals way faster and the witch hazel helps even more), not to much cause i didnt want to block the pore so i got a clean earbud put a wee bit on and i tried to just moisturise the edges of the hole and not triying to put too much directly into it so like i said it wouldn t block it as much and then i let the moisturiser soak in the skin (15 min) and after that i put a lil fresh piece of tomato on the hole (lil piece from under the skin of the tomato) that i cut out with a clean razor blade and put it carefully on with the blade without using my dirty hands and let the tomato on hte hole overnight. Apparently tomato has anti oxidents or something that promotes healing and stuff but i only put the tomato on at night cause it made the area look red and dark (if it looke worse dont worry its just the redness from the tomato) when it dries up and u dont want that during the day. And remember just rince your face quickly, you don t wanna overwash it and get dried skin and always do all this when the face is clean and just a lil bit of all these things, you dont wann go clogging the pore or irritating the skin anymore.

So I did all this over the next four days, got heaps of fresh air (hepls healing) and a bit of sun, good slee pand drank a lot of water and ate a lot of fruit with vitamine c ( I always only drink water, rarely juice, never soda, only if its mixd with alcohol and i very rarely drink alcohol) and i started to close up slowly but surely. After a few days it was still red but almost closed up but i realised there was a bit of some sort of transparent skin closing up part of the hole,i thought that was fresh skin but it turned a pimple- white color after i applied the ice cube and thought that wasnt normal. so I decided to gently take that off and i was right, it was i think a bit of infection with some puss underneath and a timy miny blackhead underneath that and luckly i took that off but unfortunately it re-opened the hole to where it was a few days back but not as much as at the beginning.

But even tho i had this step back that stressed me out hepas again, i didn t lose hope and continued my treatment ( but after a few days i went back to rincing my face two times a day) and the hole eventually started to close up and a week later it is almost completly closed. There is still a bit of an edge and the skin inside the hole is still a kinda purple ish/ red ish tone but its almost all gone and i hope soon it will be over. The only thing is that there is now a minuscule black head in the centre of that and its still pretty dark, but im happy with that ( at least there s not that hole), no way I m i gonna try and take it out cause its so small and i dont wanna go trough this eva again, Im just gonna apply the lemon juice on it twice a day and hope it will be gone or bleach itself out eventually.

So all in all, I am no dermo, no doctor, I was just a desperat person who tried to fix somthing with the only info he had, i don t know if any of these remedies work or actually helped it close up or if it was just gonna close up anyway without all this time consuming stuff but this was one of the most sressfull and depressing times ive had in a long long time, my confidence is still broken and only starting to build back up (hopefully lol) and i hope this very long and boring post can help someone who is out of ideas and wanna give this a shot sraight away and not wait a few days like me but please if i did something wrong please post an answer so someone else doesnt to the mistake and if u have any questions please let me know and ill see if i can give more detailes.



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What you talking about i remember i picked some plastic like substance plugg on my cheek, Created a big Black hole when i unplugged my pore, I was fuqen scared as fuq when i saw that hole it was the size of three pores combined but the hole scared me.... I dont know man sometimes you get scared of the Shizz you see on your skin, It will heal, just let it heal. it will heal. It takes months..but it will. When i saw that hole the hair on my back just went up and i had goosebumps, that shizz was creepy.

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