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Many Options, So Confused Which Path To Take

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So, I've just come back from my 3rd consultation regarding my acne scarring.

The doctor mentioned that his speciality was acne scarring, which made me a little comfortable knowing that he tackles these problems on a daily basis. He was pleasant, but the consultation was a little rushed I felt and short. I didn't have enough time to ask all the questions I had wanted, and the script I had prepared beforehand went out of the window as I was presented with so many options. The doctor said that no approach would be the same for every patient, since acne scars differ from patient to patient. Granted. That's true.

So, my doctor recommended a 'programme' to address my acne scarring.

He suggested that I first attempt TCA cross for my few ice pick scars, which would be a course of three treatments. He said that he does about 6 TCA Cross treatments a day. Basically he explained that due to the nature of ice pick scars, they would need to be brought up to the surface little by little until they are level with normal skin. I understand what he is trying to say.

Then he suggested that after the TCA Cross treatments, he would then move onto other treatments such as eMatrix (radio frequency), Pixel, and Erbium laser.

What made me feel a little bit uneasy was that, by taking his approach I would be some sort of lab rat that would undergo multiple treatments after multiple treatments, that would almost be a trial and error basis.

I know that acne scars are difficult to treat, but must one really have to undergo all of these treatments almost as if one were some sort of experiment?

I suggested Total FX, since he is clearly able to do this. (He was the speaker in this Lumenis conference video Dr. Tapan Patel, a colleague of Dr. Matteo Tretti Clementoni who was the pioneer in the four step technique of the Deep FX and the Active FX.

Knowing this, I was surprised that he recommended TCA Cross as the first step of addressing my acne scars, and not just going straight to the Deep FX/Active FX =Total Fx approach that he demonstrates in his video.

I don't know what to think and whether I should follow his advice in trying out the TCA Cross treatment, especially since I'v read about TokyoGirl's experience about her TCA Cross treatment that aggravated her scars.

Do you think if would be safe to press for laser treatments, than trying my luck with TCA Cross? Or should I take his advice and follow his treatment plan, especially since he deals with acne scars on a daily basis and knows what he is doing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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To be fair, if he is suggesting TCA cross, that may be what he truly believes is necessary for your scars. TCA, in general, is much cheaper than any ablative laser treatment, so he's definitely not trying to squeeze your pocket there.

And yeah, it is sort of a "lab rat" procedure, but only because people's responses to treatments, while expected with a certain range results, can't be exactly predicted beforehand, and it's important to understand the full extent of a treatment's effects before moving onto another one.

I say go with your gut.

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Thanks for replying.

I suppose that he may be right. But I think I'll have another consultation to clarify why he believes the TCA Cross approach would be more beneficial to the Total FX treatment.

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