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Is There Any Particular Reason Why It Manifests Itself In These Areas?

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Hi guys.

I'm fairly sure that my acne is caused by hormones. I broke out very suddenly at 18 when my PCOS was diagnosed (and also really beginning to give me problems in other areas too). My diet, exercise, enviroment etc has stayed the same as when I had clear skin, and my acne is always at it's worst during hormonal fluctuations (testosterone spikes and monthlies). The doctor that I saw told me that my spots were related to my PCOS.

So, I already pretty much know the reason of my breakouts. What I just can't understand is why they show up where they do. I've read elsewhere that hormonal acne usually appears on the chin and the jawline, but mine is typically on my cheeks and next to the tails of my eyebrows (on the far side, not in the middle, so not due to eyebrow waxing etc). The spots by the sides of the eyebrows seems especially reserved for the monthly doom.

So I guess my question is this: Does anybody else get hormonal acne in unusal areas? And is there any reason why hormonal acne can sometimes appear on other parts of the face or than the chin and jawline or is it just one of those things?

I'm not looking for any treatment advice or suggestions, just looking for similair experiences and possible explanations as to the weird locations.

Thanks for taking the time to read :)

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