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Omnilux Verilux Tanda Blue Light Therapy

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Which at home acne blue light system do you guys recommend?

Omnilux Md Clear U and Verilux appear to have the most LED's

Here is the Omnilux.

Here is the Verilux

Here is Tanda:

Baby blue quasar:


Omnilux Md Clear U looks the most professional and possibly the strongest, but I don't find many reviews. Does it have replaceable heads?

Verilux also looks good but the heads last only 600 uses.

Tanda has less leds, I think 24, but each cartridge lasts 6000 uses. Also it fits with the red luxe cartridge head.

Tria is out of the question for me, the cartridges are too expensive and don't last that long.

So what do you guys think? Omnilux Md Clear U, Verilux or Tanda?

Or maybe some other ones I missed?


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LightWave CS. Has red light, two wavelengths of blue light, and infrared. It uses really intense lights so the treatment time is 3 minutes max (you wear blackout goggles which come with them).

With the other lights where you're sitting in front of it for a half-hour each day, it feels like your life is wasting away.

They also have a 100% money back guarantee for 3 months. If in 3 months you decide you don't want it, they will refund money and send you a pre-paid return label.




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