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Acne & Inflammation On Nose

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Sometimes I get pimples on my nose which take forever to form into actual whiteheads and then to go back to normal (1-2 weeks). But it's usually one at a time. This time they keep freaking coming and another one appears before the previous one has healed. The ones at the top (not the whitehead) are pretty much just red areas, not even pimples anymore and they are really messing up my overseas trip.

I KNOW that if these were gone or at least much less inflamed I'd be much more confident and be able to enjoy this trip a lot more. It's bumming me out that they keep coming.

Any tips on reducing inflammation and preventing more pimples from showing up on my nose?

The rest of my face has the usual couple of pimples and scars but over the years I've learned to deal with those. It's just these nose ones that are annoying the hell out of me


PS: I've lurked this site for a long time on and off. Now I see you can log in with FB. I'm just wondering who the hell would want log in here with FB?


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