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Minocycline + Epiduo!

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Whaaat uppppppp, world?

I'm 19, about to be a sophomore in college, and I'm absolutely sick of acne.

I would say I've been experiencing mild to moderate breakouts consistently since I was 12. The worst I've ever had was this past fall where a I had a cyst so huge I was completely demoralized. It went away, thankfully, eventually and my skin started to improve. I thought I was finally growing out of this damn thing. Then, after what were two months of pure bliss, I had a pretty severe breakout with two cysts in the same general area as before. I was super upset and contacted my dermatologist a couple weeks afterwards. Aaaaand thats where I am now.

I've been prescribed minocycline and epiduo gel.

Like most people I'm to take two pills a day, an hour after food, and apply a pea sized amount of epiduo to my face in the evening.


1) Initial Breakout. How bad was it for you? How long did it last?

2) When should I start seeing improvements?

3) Will it help scars left by the cysts I previously mentioned?


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Week 1

I can say there has been definite improvement already in the first week. The breakout I had last week is pretty much done with and is starting to clear up. My skin does look better. As for the marks left by said breakout, I can't say it has worked wonders. No signs of it fading away anytime soon. Oh well. I rather live with acne marks that will eventually fade in a couple months than raging pimples and postules. Haha. I'll keep you guys updated.

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