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My Log To Clear Smooth Skin!

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Okay, so lately my skin has been acting up. I have closed comedones all over my forehead, right cheek, chin, and a little on my left cheek. Plus I have a bunch of PIH "acne scars" (red/dark marks) that are really just UGH! My skin looks very dull and my nose is always red. I know I sound gorgeous don't I?

Well I've always been crazy about my skin. And this whole summer I've been trying to fix it but I just can't! So now I have resorted to glycolic acid, in hopes it will get rid of these closed comedones and maybe even the "scars".

I got a peel done, by recommendation of an esthetician (even though I'm only 14) And I also got a 10% glycolic acid solution to use every night.

I use a pretty mild cleanser to wash my face, witch hazel to tone, sunscreen and moisturizer during the day, and moisturizer at night. I also use a scrub and a sulfur mask a couple of days a week.

I've been using this regimen for two days, and of course there's not much improvement. But my skin is still recovering from the peel I think..

Anyways, if anyone has had any success with glycolic acid for closed comedones (little skin colored bumps) please let me know how long it took you to see results.rolleyes.gif

Oh and if you guys have anything to recommend to reduce the redness around my nose please let me know. I heard aloe is good but I'm not sure, has anybody tried it?

I really hope this works...I'm at my wits end.eusa_pray.gif

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Okay well, not much has changed regarding my skin. But I've decided to hold off the glycolic acid, it's a little too harsh on my skin.

Also, by recommendation of a very nice person who struggled with similar issues :), I'm going to begin using a clay mask, specifically the freeman avocado and oatmeal one. I'm also going to try cutting sugar out of my system.

I also might end up buying aloe, I'm not too sure yet though.

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Okay so, I'm going back to a gentler glycolic's still 10 percent, but it's a gel instead of a liquid.

I'm also going to keep up with the sulfur mask because it has kaolin clay in it. And sulfur is comedolytic.

I've come to realize that my problem is I'm impatient. As soon as something doesn't work immediately, I toss it aside.

NOT a good method.

I just wish I had someone to discourage me everytime I want to switch up products. :/

I guess I'll try my hardest to do that myself.

I'm giving this two weeks! Even though I'm probably not going back to school with clear skin, I've realized its okay. I'll just keep to myself and my friends who don't give a damn about how I look the first week. :)

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