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Lavender Oil

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Wow, I have recently discovered the wonder of Lavender Oil for pimples.

Next time you have a chance get some 100 pure essentail lavendar oil.

Apply it a couple times a day to red/sore spots coming up or any current pimples you have, it will dry it up and prevent you from getting a big cyst; I'm in love with it.

Best of all, its natural, no chemicals and it smells good!

Hope this can help some of you!

God bless, and don't give up hope; I used to have the worst acne and now I can go out in public without shame. I have cleaned up my diet; I don't do dairy or bread; this is the other big thing that kicked my acne to the curb.

Don't over simplify your solution; I used to think I just needed to find the right face wash but its usually a combo of both keeping your skin topically treated and eating healthy/ eating a low inflammatory diet.

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