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Can You Use Clinique Anti-Blemish And Duac Together?

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Hi everyone,

Horrible, horrible skin, have an appointment next month with a dermatologist at the hospital after 2 years of trying GP prescribed duac, skinoren, then duac again, and lymecyclin. Currently using Duac, but I heard about Clinique Anti-Blemish 3-step system and I went and bought it at the weekend.

The lady said she didn't know anything about Duac though, and couldn't advise me on using the two together - told me to take this instead of duac for a 2 week trial period. I said, yes, fine, will do, to get her to sell it to me, but thought 'its only a cleanser, I have to cleanse with Duac anyway, she's over-reacting.'

But my skin is now hideous. I can't look people in the eye at work. It's like an inflamed, red, sore mountain range! She said that my skin was likely to get worse before it got better with the 3-step system, so I'm wondering if that is all it is and my skin is just getting used to the new stuff or I've made a huge mistake using them together and it shouldn't be done.

Please someone help!! Anyone used them together before? Or been advised not to?

Thanks, Laura

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