Recell Spray On Skin For All Scars

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I had recell treatment done for my hypertrophic scars exactly 1 month back,, as of now Iam not at all happy with how it looks and doctor says it would improve over time and it might take upto 18months.
one thing i would like to point about this treatment is both these doctors and avita are too much money oriented.I had the treatment done in Australia. I had to pay $1500 for recell kit  and dermabrasion, $500 for needling, $250 for consultation, $5000 as doctors fee,  $1000 procedure fee, $600 accomodation fee by hospital though there was no overnight stay. so totally 9100AUD. Doctors fee was just too much to bear, understand that it is a very simple procedure done under local anasthaesia. Before doing the treatment I also thought of talking to some dermatologist about the treatment so that i would be able to save up on the doctors fee and some other unnecessary fees,but the doctor I spoke to was like she needs to see someone doing the procedure to learn about it and also the recell kit was unavailable in my country,  may be if a dermatologist does the same procedure it would cost less than 3000AUD , (1500AUD for recell kit + 1500AUD procedure fee). 
I would also like to share that  recell is not a new revolutionary treatment, but a treatment from years back  called melanocyte transplantation, but now avita has just commercialised it maximum with the recell tag . Scientific studies has proved it a failiure on many vitilgo patients. Here is one of the link .  Still might be worth a try if it was much cheaper, for this price (RECELL) its definitely a scam.
melanocyte transplantation is done by many clinics for much..much cheaper price, which is indeed the same treatment as recell, sad to see that these people are taking advantage of people with skin problems.

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