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Documentary About Acne & Bodily Ritual

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Hey All! I am a visual anthropology grad student at Goldsmiths (London) making a short (20 min) documentary about how people deal with acne in different ways. My interest is personal in that I also have acne in varying degrees on different parts of my body. I am looking for participants in the UK and Europe but am open to suggestions from people located elsewhere (you might have to end up filming yourself and sending footage)! About the content of the documentary: the film has as its nexus acne but I want to use that center point as a way of exploring various 'bodily rituals' as the title states. So I am looking for a variety of methods of clearing acne -- whether it be honey and baking soda masks to exercise to vinegar to dietary changes to accutane and so on! I am interested in filming anyone that has a strong opinion about dermatology as a science either positive or negative. I am also currently researching the representation of acne in media and medical imagery. Two things to keep in mind before replying to me: 1. I too struggle with this so I am sympathetic and 2. this is a FILM so if you are uncomfortable being on camera it will not be helpful to me. Hopefully, this could be a cathartic experience for a few people, at the very very least. If you don't have acne but another skin problem and are interested drop me a line anyway!


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