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Makeup Over Topicals?

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Okay so first, my questions:

Does anyone have any advice for applying makeup when using topicals?

What kind of moisturizer works the best for keeping skin hydrated and wearing underneath makeup?

Here's a little background if you're interested:

I've been using Duac and Retin-A as a regimen for the past few weeks (I was initially on Differin and then switched to Retin-A, but I've been using Topicals since April) and while my acne is subsiding, I do have a lot of pigmentation and uneveness that I attempt to cover up (plus a few bumpy spots)

I have to apply Duac in the mornings and evenings, and Retin-A gel in the evenings only (although I've been using it every other night instead of every night because it's just TOO harsh for everyday use).

Some days my skin is excessively flaking off, but as of late, I've had better control of applying my topicals more properly and not overusing them. Still, I get dry dry dry tight skin and I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion day and night to keep my skin at bay. This causes it to feel slippery and kinda greasy, but it's better than oily/dry skin.

My skin feels healthy, and I'm pretty happy with my regimen, but I have the worst time covering up my acne marks. They are slowly fading, but they're still very prominent and I hate them. So I use a full-coverage foundation by Tarte that covers pretty nicely. However, I notice that now when I apply it, even with Clinque's Redness Relief SPF, either my skin or my topical is balling up and making my makeup look cakey and flakey.

Also, I should add that I wear sunscreen as well, so that my marks don't get even darker. It's a Neutrogena Ultra-Dry Touch or something like that. In SPF 30

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Have you tried Jojoba Oil? There are lots of great reviews for it on this site and I can also vouch for it. Try adding a few drops to your moisturizer or using it allover your face before your moisturize, it's the closest oil (although it is a wax) to our skin's sebum and for that reason many people find they don't react/break out when using it. I use it with my Aveeno Daily Moisturizer which works wonders and is very soothing too. Under makeup you want a sheer but long wearing moisturizer, ideally one that lasts a long time. Let it fully absorb before putting your makeup on.

I would definitely recommend using an SPF, but look for one that is non-greasy and does not contain ingredients like SLS in it which can irritate the skin. I find some chemical SPFs dry me out, so look around and read reviews on MakeupAlley to find the one that looks like it'll work best for you. Also consider using a makeup SPF (like Peter Thomas Roth's) which comes in the form of a powder which you can easily apply ontop of your makeup all throughout the day (because SPFs should be reapplied every so many hours, which is difficult to do when wearing foundation ontop).

You should also choose the right foundation. Some can be heavy or look cakey, and I know from personal experience that some foundation specifically exaggerate the flakes and scaley patches on my face. I've found that Almay's Truly Lasting Colour 16 hour Nourishing Foundation and Revlon Colorstay Dry/Normal Foundation work best on my very dry skin. Apply them by TAPPING with your fingers or using a dampened sponge and lightly patting the makeup on. By brushing/buffing you're exfoliating the dead skin!

Anyway, there are lots of great articles/tips in the message boards already so have a read through. Hope this helped some smile.png

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I started the regimen in July 2012- I'm 98% clear on the regimen as of April 2013, and I reduced my dosage to 2 pumps once a day in September 2013 with no problems. I'm working on evening out my skin tone and at the moment I'm using Re-Gen Cream and Clinique Face Cream SPF 40 :)

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i think clara gave some good suggestions. topicals were really rough on my skin. i always felt like i looked slightly sun burnt all the time. if u have a trader joe's near you, their moisturizing cream works really well, and it doesn't feel too heavy. i would slightly blot my skin after letting it absorb, and makeup went on much smoother after using it. gentle exfoliation, and using a primer should also help. gluck

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