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Water Kefir Grains - What's Your Take On It?

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Hey guys,

I've read a couple of posts on the forum that people who took care of their gut flora had a huge success rate of getting rid of acne.

So, I started on a water kefir treatment. Drinking about ~500-750mL every morning after breakfast with a multivitamin. It has been a full month.

I use organic whole brown sugar to culture my kefirs. My cultures are doing excellent judging by how fast they multiply.

However, I have yet to say that I am free of acne. Ever since I started drinking the stuff, I've been getting persistent cystic acne along my jaw line and various small whiteheads all over my face. The whiteheads and cystic acne were pretty common before to start with, but the jawline is unprecedented.

Any ways, I do know that the kefirs have made my gut much healthier. I now just have one or two good bowel movements a day and my breath is as fresh as a field of flowers. I'm just disappointed that my acne is still here.

Now I'm starting to wonder - is it because I'm drinking too much of it? I used to take megadoses of probiotic pills, and that really messed up my face with cystic acne (I stopped after about a month and a half of the same results, then started on the kefirs). What do you guys think?

Thank you for your input.

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Not sure buddy, maybe there's also some other problems with you. I bought some water kefir grains that I am going to try soon, but at the moment I am taking iodine. This has greatly helped me, maybe check out the iodine thread in this section.

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