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I started getting pimples when I was 10. That turned to severe acne when I was 14. I am 17 now and am still struggling with severe acne along with scarring.

I know my diet is 95% the reason why I break out. I have a binge eating type disorder. I try to eat healthy, but my mom doesn't care to buy healthy food and I used to always tell her to stop buying bad stuff and buy good food, but she complains that it's too expensive.

I honestly just feel like I don't even care about having acne or eating until my stomach hurts or that I have so much fat to grab on my thighs and stomach.

I used to be considered 'really pretty', but since I got bad acne all over my face, nobody even talks to me. I've completely secluded myself form others and I only talk to my family at home. I never go out, except on the week ends to work at my fast food job. I feel ashamed of my skin and my body then, but once I get home it just disappears.

I can't even post pictures of myself without massively editing them, but them I don't even look like myself.

&*$^%&%^& I just want to EAT HEALTHY. Why is this so hard for me!??? I still have to finish school work & that stresses me out, I never have any friend to talk to and if I do talk to someone in real life I either am completely awkward or I get so self concious. & my parents don't care what I do, they don't care that I don't have any friends or when they see me binge on bread & nutella & peanut butter & they certainly don't give a sh*t about the fact that acne has completely killed my self confidence.

I need help, I need some sort of guidance from someone who has been through something similar... please...

Idk if I have a mood disorder either, my personality changes every week, & it definitely depends on if I am PMSing or not, which seems like every day.

For religious people, I tried reaching out to God and it did help a bit, but it's incredibly hard because He's not physically here to help me.. :(

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dont worry .i think you are just growing up, dont stress once it will balance it self out, drink water, excersise and dont stress, try some green tea tree oil base face wash or proactive, just dont pick at your skin it can cause scaring, try to eat heathly when you can less sugar but more healthy sugar from fruits.

get your self in a habbit of rewarding your self with healthy food and water on the go maybe even vegitable juice drinks.

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Hey! Don't stress out about all that stuff.

Everybody feels self conscious at some point, it's all about building up that confidence one by one, doing isolated things.

For example, make conversation with someone at work, that's a start. Then gradually move up slowly until you're where you want to be.

I doubt your acne is that bad. Lots of people say its bad when it's really not. I sometimes thought mine was bad, but nobody really mentions anything, or even cares. People have their own problems to think about.

Sorry you're feeling down. If you need anybody to coach you through some difficulties, you can message me!

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:comfort: Keep your chin up, you can get through it. At 17, I'd guess your body is still changing and maybe things will settle down in time. You can certainly do your best to keep things under control in the meantime though.

Don't stress too much about food, just make sure you eat as healthily as you can and stay hydrated. The best thing, in my experience, is to keep your intake of dairy relatively low and to avoid processed foods where you can. Some people feel they need to make wholesale changes and go through very restrictive and disciplined diets to try and clear their skin, but I found that just a few relatively minor and easy changes were enough to improve things greatly.

We're all different though so it comes down to finding what works best for you. Trial and error so it takes patience, but I promise you that it can be done.

As far as your lack of confidence is concerned, I can totally appreciate how your insecurities about your appearance may get to you and cause you to withdraw, but we're always our own worst critics and I can't imagine that the majority would view you the way you view yourself. One thing I've noticed is that if I make a bit of an effort to push myself out of my comfort zone and at least try and appear confident and happy, that's what people see and they don't know that I'm essentially faking it. Behaving that way helps me learn how to become it, and the equally positive response from other people helps me improve it further, so it builds and builds, hopefully until it becomes my natural way.

Believe me, I've been in that position where you spend all your free time hiding away because you feel like you're the odd one out. It can be tough sometimes but, again, I promise that it's something you can beat. It's essential really because if you're off the proverbial radar and people aren't spending time with you because you're not making that effort, it's hard to break out of that habit. It becomes harder to form and maintain friendships as well.

If people decide not to make an effort with you though, or they judge you for whatever reason, forget about them because they're not worth it. Just look after yourself and be kind to yourself instead. Do things that make you happy and go places where you're comfortable, makes yourself known to nice people and it will all fall into place.


Thoughts become words
Words become actions
Actions become habits
Habits become character
Character becomes destiny
It is time to change my destiny

You look like a guy I banged once.

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Be lucky your dealing with this at 17 and not at 22-23 like me.

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