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Only Once A Day For Mild Acne ?

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Hello everyone,

First of all, I'm sorry if this topic has already been addressed before. I've tried the search feature and it didn't help me too much.

I'm 22 and I can say I've had moderate/mild acne since I'm about 14. Apart from getting a tube of 5% BP and applying it on active pimples twice a day, I haven't done anything special about my acne. I'm lazy, and it's also that my acne hasn't been that much of a problem to me. Not that it wouldn't bother me, but it's not severe enough to use special products and spending too much money on it. Sometimes, I can go through a few months without any pimples breaking out. But, usually, once in a few weeks, I get a breakout where like 2, 3 or 4 pimples appear on the same day.

Now what bother me most are my red marks that take forever to fade. I can say it takes probably a year and a half for a mark to reasonably fade. So even with not too severe acne, those red marks accumulate.

So I'm considering following the regimen or at least having better facial hygiene habits to prevent further pimples and thus, red marks. So how about following a "half" regimen? Like, only at night? I know I might get those "well just try and see" kind of replies. But I also know that some people experienced worse acne after trying the regimen, and I don't really get why. Is it because BP may worsen acne if not used according to the right dosage and frequency? Has anyone been in the same situation as me?

Thank you!

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if you get just those ocassional would be a good idea to apply the regimen just once a day...if you get 3 or 4 pimples in the same day, remember what did you eat or do the past few days, it might be a food allergy

My log might be helpful for you,check it out!! tongue.png

-I controlled my acne after cutting off whey protein, after 4 months it came back.

-Then i tried an strict paleo diet, it worked. But the ocassional few pimples didnt let my PIH fade

-I wasnt happy with my routine, coudnt drink with my friends, eat different food and the worst: i was loosing confidence

-When my PIH was fading, i broke out, because i tried vitamin C to end with the ocassional pimples, which might cause stomach irritation=break out

- I wasnt happy because of my diet, just broke out, and i started accutane asap.

- Currently, im taking accutane even thought my acne is mild, but with persistant PIH, just few weeks left, no more pimples anymore.

"If i had a wish, i woudnt ask for flawless skin, I'd ask for the maxium of confidence"

Poeple think they are going to be happy and confident if they get rid of their acne...well..they are totally wrong

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