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Red Bump

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Not sure if this is the right area to post this (i'm new to this forum). But I had this small bump between my eyes that was there for at least a month. The bump didn't quite have a head on it but you could tell the pus was close to the surface. Anyways, I decided to pop it (I know not a good idea and I always regret it) but I got a good amount of pus out and didn't want to bother it anymore so I applied a cold compress to it, some rubbing alcohol to clean it out and some clindamycin solution just in case. I woke up this morning with a red bump in the same spot that is the same size as before I popped it. I want to know if this is normal swelling due to popping and not to worry or if there is more of a problem? I also use tretinoin gel 0.025% at night.


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