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My Story And What You Can Do For Yourself

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My mother and father are german, but I live in Mexico city, I started getting acne when I was 12, at first it was just like 1 pimple per month but at 13 it got really bad, I didnt care at that time, but my parents did and took me to a derm which gave me all the typical shit topicals that do nothing, anways she put me on tetracycline which cleared me up but of course it came back worse, at that time I had no friends and no life basically, so my parents decide to change me to a much smaller school at 14 years old, my first year of highschool there I was a quiet kid and I continued having no friends.. some guys I had problems with mocked me for my acne, which at this point of my life was probable at its worst...

then on summer vacations after my first year of highschool (I was still 14) I started caring a lot about my appearance and started lifting weights, which was followed by an obession to clear skin, so basically I returned to school for second year of highschool after vacations with my acne a little bit better, 12 kg of muscle heavier, but still no self confidence and I got still no friends :(...

So in my first months of 2 year highschool I tried crazy diet changes (no gluten no diary) zinc, vitamins, etc... which didnt do much... UNTIL a miracle happened after about 4 months after starting my 2 year in highschool, one day I just said a joke in class and everyone laughed... I started telling a lot of jokes and doing funny things and everybody laughed, I was suprised at my ability to make people laugh because I hadnt done it ever in my life except when I was little before acne... anyways everybody started caring about me and being nice, girls started talking to me a lot, I had a lot of guy friends, and my acne was looking as always, thats when I realized it had been me all the time, and not my acne which was stopping me, anyways right now im 15 years old, 3 weeks away from finishing 2 year of highschool and I have been on accutane for 5 weeks now and my skin is already perfect :) and now im planning to work hard at the gym on summer vacations, pack on 20 kg of muscle, finish my accutane course so I can get 100% clear and im just really happy about everything..

What im trying to say... its just yourself stopping yourself, not acne stopping you... You can definetly be loved by people and be popular even with acne like I was... you need to be patient because your time will come when you expect it the less... the most amazing things arrive within a moment :)

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